Senior UX/UI Specialist | Illustrator | Photographer | Multimedia Designer

Hello, My Name is Julia Lam. I’m an Illustrator and a Seniro UX/UI Specialist. After graduating from OCAD University in 2007, I moved to Hong Kong to launch my career in this field. During this time, I worked with several different companies such as Toy2R, Turner Broadcasting, and Mattel. After gaining more experience, I started working for a startup company as a Multimedia designer and helped developed a mobile game – Hero Bouncer. Since then, I’ve been working as a Senior UX/UI Specialist.

In my spare time, I like to travel around the world and collect different types of toys as a way to inspire my work. I believe that all designs should serve a purpose with a creative twist and a dash of innovation; making sure that it benefits the end user from the beginning till the very end.

Please feel free to download my CV.